Hubbell Premise Wiring hereby certifies that Precision Technology Group of Illinois is a Hubbell Certified Installer.  As such, they are authorized to design, install, and maintain Hubbell structured cabling systems using Hubbell products and authorized cable partner’s cable. Precision Technology Group is further authorized to extend the 25 year Mission Critical Warranty to customers requesting such a warranty. 

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Voice & Data Structured Cabling Solutions

Network Foundation

The structured cabling system is said to be the groundwork of a successful building and office setup. It is also the fundamental foundation on which all other equipment relies on.

It is not vendor-specific or reliant on topography. Established industry standards make for a stable office cabling infrastructure. We never recommend leading edge technology. We always go with what is established and working. With this type of cabling attitude, you benefit from consistency, adaptability, scalability, low-cost changes, and asset investment protection. What has emerged is a general platform for multiple information technology applications which include Wi-Fi infrastructure, telecommunications IDF: MDF backbone, building automation and security (Closed Circuit Television/access control); videoconferencing systems, and fire safety systems

Structured Cabling Systems (SCS) refers to the local area network cabling system designed exclusively to fit a company’s requirements. It combines data, voice, video, and management systems sometimes including alarm and security. SCS insures that all of this information is transmitted promptly and efficiently. The structured cabling system normally includes transmission products with engineering design rules that create a stable transmission system.